Books and stories from Hadrian's Wall, the Romans and Northumberland.


Silenius' Gift

Beneath a thin veneer of peace,Roman Britain is in turmoil. The Emperor Domitian has been mudered and his sucessor, Nerva is an old man stuggling to control an Empire seething with treasonable plots; while the northern frontier of Britannia is yet again on the brink of insurrection.

Into this toxic mix wanders Antonious, a hapless slave with rather mixed loyalties, as he trails his mistress Junia. They journey north to the very edge of Britannia in a search for a hidden box that has been bequeathed to her by her uncle. Unfortunately they are not the only ones looking for the box.

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Wall tales

We provide links to E-books about the Roman's in Britain and the history of the area around Hadrian's Wall. We would like to feature both fiction and non fiction stories.We hope to connect people with an interest in the ancient history of Britain with new authors and books on the genre and are particularly interested in new authors.