Tales of the Wall and the Borders

What do we do?

Wall Stories wants to provide it's audience with a good selection of fictional books and stories about Hadrian's Wall, the Borders and Northumberland. We hope to be able to source stories which may prove to be difficult to find in a broader range of books and offer visitors, locals or just people who are just interested in the area an opportunity to discover new books and authors.

Wall stories is not a publisher but we are interested in any e-books about the area and will provide links to suitable e-books about the Roman's in Britain or the area around Hadrian's Wall. These books could be either fiction or non fiction.

We hope in time to be able to provide our readers with a list of interesting titles in both fiction and non fiction, which will help to connect people with an interest in the ancient history of Britain with new authors and books on the genre and infact are particularly interested in finding out about new authors.